My great passion is delivering light, fast, elegant and responsive solutions for clients. Visually compelling, NationBuilder-first front end design is just the beginning. Even the best designed site can end up being little more than a digital billboard that few people see and even less use to promote your goals and objectives. 

NationBuilder is much more than a website platform. The real power is its data management tools. They serve as the backbone of your political or issue advocacy tool-kit and not just your digital campaign; your entire campaign, online and off. Your site will actually learn from your supporters providing them with a dynamic user experience and providing your organization with powerful information to power your campaign. 


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screencapture-new-gohconservativepac-nationbuilder-com-1429405895441.pngGOH Conservative PAC. We were asked to update the look and feel of Congressman Louie Gohmert's PAC website. I developed a new NationBuilder compliant custom theme I call Ascendant. 

The logo load is animated using 4 individual vectors. I used to determine that the animated logo load led to a 24% higher mouse hover rate and a 17% higher CTR. 

There is a slow scroll down to the homepage content. The "Message from Louie," Latest Videos and 2014 GOH Team sections are all pulled to the front page via partial templates making all the content editable by clients via the NationBuilder native content editors.

Interior pages have much shorter banner image so content is displayed on initial page load. 

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