exjoning.square.jpgI'm Brad Marston, Partner and co-Founder of FourTier Strategies, LLC. After careers on Wall Street, the theater and restaurant management, I got involved in digital politics in 2006. I ran for State Representative in 2010 and having seen the success of the 2008 Obama campaign leveraging social media and lateral organizing, I built my campaign website on the social networking platform NING. 

Running as a Republican in Boston and Cambridge, predictably I lost but I learned invaluable lessons in integrating a digital campaign with field strategy. I had volunteers making voter ID and GOTV calls as well as online rapid response posts from 8 states. I also collected online donations from 27 states.

While I was running for State Rep. my now business partner, John LaRosa was handling the online fundraising and social media for Sean Bielat's 2010 race against Congressman Barney Frank. John actually won an Aristotle Award for his efforts. 

In December of 2010, FourTier Strategies was born of the idea that every successful campaign comes down to the four M's: Message, Momentum, Money and Muscle. As a digital strategist I would add Mining, Modeling, Mapping and Mobilizing.

FourTier's first client was Herman Cain for President. We handled their social media and social media driven fundraising. They wanted to do an Announcement Day Money Bomb. As May 21st 2011 approached with no money bomb site or even a page on their site I finally asked the campaign late on a Saturday night "Can you have a site up by Monday that we can drive supporters to?" The answer was no.

With a bit of bravado and a healthy dose of blind faith I replied "Well I can." 37 sleepless hours later, ARealLeader.com went live, the first Presidential campaign website ever launched on NationBuilder. I have never looked back.

I have gone on to become a NationBuilder Certified Expert and Designer and have created over 60 sites. I have a passion for developing light, fast, elegant and responsive thinking for campaigns, non-profits and issue advocacy organizations.

My goal is to bring to bear my experience in business, activism and as a candidate to create an environment where your planning, goals, tactics and strategies can all seamlessly integrate.